3 ways to give a tip

Call Crime Stoppers tips line phone 785-234-0007, download the P3 app or use the website at www.ShawneeCountyCrimeStoppers.com.  You will be given a tip number and password. Keep that information private.  Your tip number is how you will be identified. If you need to add information, photos or video to your tip you will use your tip number and password online or on the P3 App. 

The phone is a stand alone instrument which does not provide caller ID, and conversations are not recorded. The P3 App and the Website do not track any identifying IP addresses.  Once Crime Stoppers receives the information they pass the information to the correct investigating agency. 

Follow up on your tip: 

To follow up on your tip to see if you are eligible for a reward or add more information use your tip number and password to check online for an update.  You can also add information, photos or video anytime.